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[Vue.js] 'i is not defined' at FileReader.reader.onload VueJs

I cant execute a for loop nor a forEach in an array because its says that i is not defined

there is already tried to use a while, a for, a for each. Use i like a vue.js data variable.
I set that let self = this, because the scope changes within that reader.onload. and I know that the problem has to be with something like that.

<p>My File Selector: <file-select v-model=”file”></file-select></p>
<p v-if=”file”>{}</p>
<v-btn v-if=”file” @click=”importFile”>Import</v-btn>
<div id=”fileContents”>


import icsToJson from ‘ics-to-json’
import FileSelect from ‘./FileSelect.vue’

export default {
name: “ViewImport”,
components: {
return {
file: null,
fileInJson: null,
categories: [],
importExists: false,
//this works
//code, this works
for (var i = 0; i < this.categories.length; i++){
if (this.categories[i] === ‘Import’){
this.importExists = true;
// break;
if (this.file) {
let reader = new FileReader();
reader.readAsText(this.file, “UTF-8”);
let self = this;
reader.onload = function (evt) { //If everything works
//Changes the file to format JSON
self.fileInJson = icsToJson(;

self.doesImportExists();//the loop

if (self.importExists){
console.log(‘Category exists’);
//other method
console.log(‘not working’); //Because its in my BD
// self.importCreatingCategoryImport();

reader.onerror = function (evt) { //if it doesn’t
document.getElementById(“fileContents”).innerHTML = “error reading file”;

//style commented

Solution :

That’s because in the data section you have not assigned a value to key i. You should do i : 0 in the data, and in for loop let j = this.i; j < this.categories.length; j++)