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[Vue.js] animation of picture doesn't work! Vue.js

The problem is when when using set interval with this top: ${this.imgTop++}px!

const vue.js = require(“@/assets/images/vue.png”);
const bootstrap = require(“@/assets/images/bootstrap.png”);
const bulma = require(“@/assets/images/bulma.png”);

export default {
name: “randImg”,
data() {
return {
images: [
addedImage: [],
imgTop: -100,
imgLeft: -100,
imgHeight: 64,
imgWidth: 64,
changeInterval: 750,
selectedImage: ‘’
created() {
const randomImg = func => setInterval(func, this.changeInterval);
methods: {
randomImage() {
const idx = Math.floor(Math.random() * this.images.length);
this.selectedImage = this.images[idx];
randomPosition() {
const randomPos = twoSizes => Math.round(Math.random() * twoSizes);
this.imgTop = randomPos(window.innerHeight - this.imgHeight);
this.imgLeft = randomPos(window.innerWidth - this.imgWidth);
moveRandomImage() {
const randomImg = func => setInterval(func, this.changeInterval);
addImage() {
style: {
top: `${this.imgTop}px`,
left: `${this.imgLeft}px`,
height: `${this.imgHeight}px`,
width: `${this.imgWidth}px`
src: this.selectedImage
moveImage() { = {
style: {
top: `${this.imgTop++}px`

don’t understand why but this animataion doesnt work,
basically i will explain how it works:
every second when adding new image with new position from addedImage: [] and this every picture to go down (top++)

additionally this is a template:

<div class=”randImg”>
<img class=”image” :style=””
v-for=”image in addedImage”>

Solution :

My guess it’s possible to achieve what you want by adding a watcher on the addedImage array, like every time a new image element is added, you change the of it.

But you shouldn’t use nested setIntervals. I share you this answer explaining why.

I think a simpler and lighter solution is to use css, like creating a @keyframe translation rule:

.drop {
animation: dropDown 1.5s ease-in forwards;

@for $i from 1 to 10 {
.drop:nth-child(#{$i}) {
animation-delay: $i * 1.5s;
animation-duration: -1.5s;

@keyframes dropDown {
0% {
transform: translateY(0);
100% {
transform: translateY(600px);
opacity: 0;

Here’s a live example

Solution 2:

this.addedImage is an array of image, not an image. So, when you do, you add a style attribute to the array, but not to the images in the array.

Change moveImage for :

moveImage() {
this.addedImage.forEach(image => { = + 1