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[Vue.js] Array splice function weirdness within 2 different arrays

there is allProducts prop is passed by Laravel. And it contains 15 elements.

<product-list :all-products=‘@json($products)’></product-list>

And in ProductList component, I try to keep data of allProducts prop by assigning it to another variable, called result, then I can use later.

Next, I use splice function to get a portion data from result, and assign to products. So the products and result should have the same 9 elements (15 - 6 = 9). However, I don’t know why my allProducts also has 9 elements (it should be 15 because I didn’t splice allProduct).

I tried to print out allProduct before using splice and it contains 15 elements as I expected but the console.log statement after using splice function only return 9 elements.

export default {
name: “ProductPage”,
data() {
return {
products: [],
result: []
props: [‘allProducts’],
created() {
this.result = this.allProducts;

// Print 15 products

this.products = this.result.splice(0, 6);

// Only print 9 products, even I didn’t use splice on allProducts array.


Solution :

Splice mutates original array,

The splice() method changes the contents of an array by removing or
replacing existing elements and/or adding new elements in place.

You can use slice instead