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[Vue.js] Build prod dont display font - basic webpack init

I need to use font named myFontName from ttf file in production environment after launch this command :

npm run build

For this test, there is only initialize project with this command :

vue.js init webpack myProjectName

In dev environment (npm run dev) i can display and use my font. But i cant see the same font after build. However, in the production environment i can see my font in css rules (browser console).

So, font seems to be display in dev and not in production.

This is my tree project:


This is my dist folder tree :


I call my font directly in my component.vue.js file :

<script scoped>
src: url(“./fonts/myFontFile.ttf”) format(“truetype”);

Webpack is nativ from init. there is this loader in my webpack.base.conf.js :

test: /\.(woff2?|eot|ttf|otf)(\?.*)?$/,
loader: ‘url-loader’,
options: {
limit: 10000,
name: utils.assetsPath(‘fonts/[name].[hash:7].[ext]‘)

For build config :

build.assetsPublicPath: /

So, what’s wrong ? Why prod env don’t display my font correctly ?
Thanks to help me to resolve this font problem.

Solution :

Okay no response ? Nobody…

Finally, here is my solution.

In util.js file, insert :

publicPath: ‘../../‘

In this part of code

// Extract CSS when that option is specified
// (which is the case during production build)
if (options.extract) {
return ExtractTextPlugin.extract({
use: loaders,
fallback: ‘vue-style-loader’,
publicPath: ‘../../‘
} else {
return [‘vue-style-loader’].concat(loaders)

But why ?

Check this two similar issues..

Vuejs forum similar issue
Github similar issue

After build, i can inspect style CSS files in


… and noted that my @font-face source have the wrong path after build according to ma dist tree folder :

@font-face{font-family:myFontFileBis;src:url(static/fonts/myFontFileBis.ttf) format(“truetype”)}

Instead of url(static/fonts/myFontFileBis.ttf), i need to get url(../../static/fonts/myFontFileBis.ttf).

So, i need to set publicPath in util.js.

it work now !