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[Vue.js] Can vue-router open a link in a new tab?

there is a summary page and a detail subpage. All of the routes are implemented with vue-router (v 0.7.x) using programmatic navigation like this:

this.$router.go({ path: “/link/to/page” })

However, when I route from the summary page to the subpage, I need to open the subpage in a new tab just as one would by adding _target=”blank” to an <a> tag.

Is there a way to do this?

Solution :

I think that you can do something like this:

let routeData = this.$router.resolve({name: ‘routeName’, query: {data: “someData”});, ‘_blank’);

it worked for me.

Solution 2:

It seems like this is now possible in newer versions (vue.js Router 3.0.1):

<router-link :to=”{ name: ‘fooRoute’}” target=”_blank”>
Link Text

Solution 3:

For those who are wondering the answer is no.
See related issue on github.

Q: Can vue-router open link in new tab progammaticaly

A: No. use a normal link.

Solution 4:

In case that you define the route like the one asked in the question (path: ‘/link/to/page’):

import vue.js from ‘vue’
import Router from ‘vue-router’
import MyComponent from ‘@/components/MyComponent.vue’;


export default new Router({
routes: [
path: ‘/link/to/page’,
component: MyComponent

You can resolve the URL in the summary page and open the sub page as below:

export default {
methods: {
popup() {
let route = this.$router.resolve({path: ‘/link/to/page’});
// let route = this.$router.resolve(‘/link/to/page’); // This also works., ‘_blank’);

Of course if you’ve given the route a name, you can resolve the URL by name:

routes: [
path: ‘/link/to/page’,
component: MyComponent,
name: ‘subPage’

let route = this.$router.resolve({name: ‘subPage’});


vue-router router.resolve(location, current?, append?)
vue-router router-link

Solution 5:

I think the best way is to simply use:“yourURL”, ‘_blank’);

* flies away *