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[Vue.js] Can you force Vue.js to reload/re-render?Why?

Just a quick question.

Can you force Vue.js to reload/recalculate everything? If so, how?

Solution :

Try this magic spell:


No need to create any hanging vars :)

Update: I found this solution when I only started working with VueJS. However further exploration proved this approach as a crutch. As far as I recall, in a while I got rid of it simply putting all the properties that failed to refresh automatically (mostly nested ones) into computed properties.

More info here:

Solution 2:

This seems like a pretty clean solution from matthiasg on this issue:

you can also use :key=”someVariableUnderYourControl” and change the key when you want to component to be completely rebuilt

For my use case, I was feeding a Vuex getter into a component as a prop. Somehow Vuex would fetch the data but the reactivity wouldn’t reliably kick in to rerender the component. In my case, setting the component key to some attribute on the prop guaranteed a refresh when the getters (and the attribute) finally resolved.

Solution 3:

Use vm.$set(‘varName’, value). Look for details into Change_Detection_Caveats.

Solution 4:


…do you need to force an update?

Perhaps you are not exploring vue.js at its best:

To have vue.js automatically react to value changes, the objects must be initially declared in data. Or, if not, they must be added using Vue.set().

See comments in the demo below. Or open the same demo in a JSFiddle here.

new Vue({
el: ‘#app’,
data: {
person: {
name: ‘Edson’
methods: {
changeName() {
// because name is declared in data, whenever it
// changes, vue.js automatically updates = ‘Arantes’;
changeNickname() {
// because nickname is NOT declared in data, when it
// changes, vue.js will NOT automatically update
this.person.nickname = ‘Pele’;
// although if anything else updates, this change will be seen
changeNicknameProperly() {
// when some property is NOT INITIALLY declared in data, the correct way
// to add it is using Vue.set or this.$set
Vue.set(this.person, ‘address’, ‘123th avenue.’);

// subsequent changes can be done directly now and it will auto update
this.person.address = ‘345th avenue.’;
/* CSS just for the demo, it is not necessary at all! */
span:nth-of-type(1),button:nth-of-type(1) { color: blue; }
span:nth-of-type(2),button:nth-of-type(2) { color: red; }
span:nth-of-type(3),button:nth-of-type(3) { color: green; }
span { font-family: monospace }
<script src=”"></script>

<div id=”app”>
<span> { }</span><br>
<span>person.nickname: { person.nickname }</span><br>
<span>person.address: { person.address }</span><br>
<button @click=”changeName”> = ‘Arantes’; (will auto update because `name` was in `data`)</button><br>
<button @click=”changeNickname”>this.person.nickname = ‘Pele’; (will NOT auto update because `nickname` was not in `data`)</button><br>
<button @click=”changeNicknameProperly”>Vue.set(this.person, ‘address’, ‘99th st.’); (WILL auto update even though `address` was not in `data`)</button>
For more info, read the comments in the code. Or check the docs on <b>Reactivity</b> (link below).

To master this part of Vue, check the Official Docs on Reactivity - Change Detection Caveats. It is a must read!

Solution 5:

Try to use this.$router.go(0); to manually reload the current page.

Solution 6:

Sure .. you can simply use the key attribute to force re-render (recreation) at any time.

<mycomponent :key=”somevalueunderyourcontrol”></mycomponent>

See for an example

It was also discussed here:

Solution 7:

using v-if directive

<div v-if=”trulyvalue”>
<component-here />

So simply by changing the value of trulyvalue from false to true will cause the component between the div to rerender again

Solution 8:

I found a way. It’s a bit hacky but works.


Where vm is the view-model object, and x is a non-existent variable.

Vue.js will complain about this in the console log but it does trigger a refresh for all data. Tested with version 1.0.26.

Solution 9:

Please read this

The horrible way: reloading the entire page
The terrible way: using the v-if hack
The better way: using Vues built-in forceUpdate method
The best way: key-changing on the component

<component-to-re-render :key=”componentKey” />

export default {
data() {
return {
componentKey: 0,
methods: {
forceRerender() {
this.componentKey += 1;

I also use watch: in some situations.