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[Vue.js] catching response of post request after post's succeeded

when creating a post request and it’s executing successfully and I can see that response in the network tab.

when trying to store that response so that I can use that further ahead, but when not able to do so. I don’t exactly know how can I store that response, can anyone guide me about that?

there is created a post like below sample and I was trying to put .then after but I think it just hadn’t worked for me.

const current = api();

Solution :

As I do not know what’s the current stack for managing XHR requests, I make a general example supposing the abstraction returns a promise:

const current = api();

getAPI = async () => {
let res = await`/sampleUrl`,formData);
let { data } = await;
console.log(data); // logs the response

Solution 2:

Which module are you using for POST requests?

In request this saves the response. This might do it for you.

const request = require(“request”);
const response =;