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[Vue.js] Conditional formatting on BootstrapVue <b-form-select>?

there is a <b-form-input> in my vue.js component. there is the :options set to an array of email addresses.

This is the list of email addresses that the user can start a chat with. The method i use to get these email addresses, i can’t really stop the <b-input-select> from having the currently logged in users email address in it.

This is a problem because obviously a user shouldn’t be able to start a chat with themself.

Is there a way to conditionally render these :options based on if they’re not equal to the email address of the currently signed in user?

The tag i currently have is this:

<b-form-select :options=”usersNotChatting” v-model=”newChat.participants[1].userEmail”></b-form-select>


Solution :

You can use the computed property for filtering option data.

let filtered_option = this.mail_list.filter(function(item){
return item.value!='‘ // currently signed user email
return filtered_option;

<b-form-select id=”exampleInput3”