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[Vue.js] Data part of Response is a long script instead of desired json object

when building a web app using laravel and vuejs. there is made a axios get request to get a list of users .
when getting a Promise object, and from what there is read. Reason for getting a promise object is because it’s an async request.

there is tried .then() to get data part of the response. But when getting a huge script instead of desired data.


Initially what i did was

var res = axios.get(‘/allUsers’);

That time i came to know about promise object and read about.
When i checked network in dev tools, status code is 200 and i can see list of users. So i guess my request is successfully completed.

What should be done to get the list of the users. That list i will be using to update my UI.

Solution :

Depending on what you’re getting back for data there are a few ways to handle this. You may need to convert the data after the you get receive the response.

.then(res => res.json())
.then(data => {
// do something with the data
}).catch(err) {

if you’re seeing the data come through properly in the response and you’re getting what you need without doing that then just do

axios.get(‘some url’).then(res => {
// do something in here with the data here

also make sure you’re getting back json if that’s what you’re looking for. check the response to see if its html or json because they can be handled a bit differently

as an “Edit” you could also handle this with async await so you dont end up in callback hell

async function fetchData() {
try {
const res = await axios.get(‘some url’);
// next step might not be necessary
const data = await res.json();
// do something with the data
console.log(data); // if converting it was necessary
console.log(res); // if not converting
} catch (err) {