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[Vue.js] Displaying data inside multiple arrays Subscribe to RSS

So there is this data: and when displaying it like this;

<tr v-for=”cv_identifying_info in cv_identifying_infos” :key=”cv_identifying_info”>
<td>{ cv_identifying_info[‘person-info’] }</td>

Now to access the further data inside. I tried like

<td>{ cv_identifying_info[‘person-info’][‘full-name’]}</td>

and other ways but it gives me the error

Cannot read property ‘full-name’ of undefined

but how can it be undefined if could access the data using only


?And also

Duplicate keys detected: ‘[object Object]‘. This may cause an update

It’s not like there is an id or a name to do :key=””

Kinda confused here, any suggestion?

Solution :

{ cv_identifying_info[‘person-info’] }

Is similar to echo cv_identifying_info[‘person-info’].

That means that you have not an array or an object there, but a string, so you can not access anything further than that.

That’s why you get this message

Cannot read property ‘full-name’ of undefined

In case $cv_identifying_info[‘person-info’][‘full-name’] existed you would get an error for

array to string conversion

using the above code but based on what you say you don’t.

That means that person-info field is not the key for a nested array but for a string value. try to print_r the root array $cv_identifying_info to see the structure of it.