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[Vue.js] How to Fix Mouse position relative to parent of canvas? Subscribe to RSS

when trying to use the Vuejs Draw Canvas of this Codepen as a component. Everything works great but the mouse position is relative to the window I think. So when drawn it works perfectly fine only if the canvas is window size ( width, height) if not there is a huge difference in the cursor and draw position.

there is tried setting the canvas width and height to offset instead of window like

setSize() {
this.c.width = this.c.offsetWidth;
this.c.height = this.c.offsetHeight - 60;

and mouse positions with below code as in this SO answers

function getMousePos(canvas, evt) {
var rect = canvas.getBoundingClientRect();
return {
x: (evt.clientX - rect.left) / (rect.right - rect.left) * canvas.width,
y: (evt.clientY - / (rect.bottom - * canvas.height

but it did not change the result. So reverted back and added in code sandbox. If anyone can help me find out what the issue here? I know it’s with mouse position but not sure exactly where. teamrussia zoo porn.

Here is codesandbox link of the demo im trying to fix.

Solution :

I use these two methods (not sure without further digging why they are not the same):

canv = document.getElementById(“id-of-canvas-object”)

function mouseLocation(e)
if (e.preventDefault)
var x = e.PageX; var y = e.PageY;
// in one instance
var relativeX = x - canv.offsetLeft;
var relativeY = y - canv.offsetTop;
// in another instance
var rect = canv.getBoundingClientRect();
relativeX = x - rect.left;
relativeY = y -;

Solution 2:

On the example you shared you are not taking in count the offset when re positioning the cursor and you’re substracting a 60px offset that is unnecessary because of the fixed positioning of the controls.

There are just 2 differences on lines: 234 & 239

setSize() {
this.c.width = this.c.offsetWidth;
this.c.height = this.c.offsetHeight; // <— HERE i removed the -60px offset

moveMouse(e) {
let x = e.offsetX;
let y = e.offsetY + 60; // <— HERE i added the 60px offset
// the e.offsetY is relative to the canvas but you have an offset
// for the controls that is moving the cursor (the little dot) to the top

var cursor = document.getElementById(“cursor”); = `translate(${x}px, ${y}px)`;

Heres the example fixed: Fixed codesandbox

Note: I recommend to change the fixed positioning of the controls and manage everything with fixed height and width values or use flexbox to grow the canvas as it needs to.