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[Vue.js] Root Vue instance not receiving events Subscribe to RSS

I cannot receive any events from a child component in the root vue.js instance.

there is a simple child component which emits a ‘hello’ event when clicked or mounted:

<div v-on:click=”clicked”></div>

export default {
name: ‘ChildComponent’,
mounted() {
methods: {
clicked() {

In my root vue.js instance I’ve tried everything to receive the event, but none of the handlers seem to be receiving the event. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

const comp = () => import(‘./components/SomeVueWhichHasChild.vue’);

const v = new Vue({
render: h => h(comp, {
on: {
hello: () => {
console.log(‘vue.js INSTANCE HELLO’);
nativeOn: {
hello: () => {
console.log(‘NATIVE HELLO’);
v.$on(‘hello’, () => {
console.log(‘ON HELLO’);


Solution :

Seems like this is a dup of:

How to bubble events on a component subcomponent chain with vue.js js 2?

Only a direct parent of a component can listen for events. I used native JS events instead:

this.$el.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent(‘hello’, {
detail: { … },
bubbles: true,
composed: true

Solution 2:

As @Decade Moon said, the div should have some content to be able to be clickable. For example:

<div v-on:click=”clicked”>Test content</div>

You can check my demo on Codepen